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Live broadcast

Live broadcast - 23:44 14/01/2015

They went as actors...

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Live broadcast - 10:33 17/09/2014

I realized that I had to update camera

Burned to update the camera to take something again with ultrazoom but with manual focus and aperture now study the market settled on the Fujifilm FinePix S8300, and for the price and features are satisfied, although what else can advise? So sell your Olympus SP810-UZ, purchased in November 2013, warranty, bought in bps, in the gift tripod(will the moon to take a picture) just to

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Live broadcast - 12:46 21/05/2014

Where treated gender disorders?

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Live broadcast - 15:42 10/04/2014

Samara, street faces or read only countrymen

The start of a new series of articles "teach history with Картманом", and you fun and useful to me.

We all live on the streets with names. Very often, the street was named after some surname and even after living on this street all my life, we do not know in whose honour is named our street. I grew up on the street with a neutral name "Middle passage", but if you leave and go through the quarter, the streets will be through one named in honor of someone. Few people think that this man, what he is famous for, that he did good, or Vice versa, had sold the country and killed many people. But for many years these surname become household. This and посвещаю post...

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Live broadcast - 14:45 26/02/2014

Somewhere in Ukraine

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Live broadcast - 10:40 26/02/2014

Man! Follow the fashion!

Man! Follow the fashion!

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Live broadcast - 10:55 14/02/2014

Again nostalgia post

Today a bunch of old toys, looking screenshots, ностальгируем herself, convinced that "in past years, there were games, not just now"

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Live broadcast - 10:52 24/01/2014

Tolerant comics

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