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These funny animals

In the world of animals - 06:46 16/05/2017

Funny the thoughts that were probably visited by every dog (16 photos)

About whether dogs think, goes a lot of disputes. Regardless of point of view, we don't know what they think (or could), and it gives us room for imagination. Let's imagine what thoughts could be spinning in the minds of our Pets in different situations.

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In the world of animals - 06:34 15/05/2017

Mini-marathon for dogs in Bangkok (13 photos)

7 may in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted the mini-marathon for dogs “Maa-Rathon”. Hundreds of dogs from tiny Chihuahuas to large mastiffs and their owners crossed the track 1.7 km to raise money for charity. “So the dogs can contribute to help people,” said organizer Pimpicha Utsahajit. The event started early in the morning to avoid daytime heat above 36 degrees Celsius.

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In the world of animals - 00:27 15/05/2017

Puppy who are bullied children, ismatovich it with glue, was saved until it was too late (13 photos)

We will never understand heartless people bully our smaller brethren. Animals are inherently innocent and just live with us, but some have enough cowardice to vent his abnormal desire to bully those weaker than them. Today we want to tell you a terrible story of a puppy named Pascal, and about the miraculous saving of his life. Pascal was the victim of two children-hooligans who taunted the helpless puppy

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In the world of animals - 04:34 14/05/2017

On the pavement lay half-dead dog, hiding under the belly most precious treasure (11 photos)

Her body was an absolute skeleton inflamed skin. It was evident that the animal was starving, sick and was on the verge of death. In this world side by side, are in trouble and fun, so you never know how it ends... Two friends returned to the car with summer vacation, when on the side of the road spotted the animal. It was unclear, is alive or dead, so Marty and Taco stopped and walked over to the unfortunate dog.

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In the world of animals - 03:39 14/05/2017

The migration of crabs in Cuba

Every year, after the first spring rains, millions of red, yellow and black crabs migrate from surrounding forests in a Bay on the South coast of Cuba to spawn in the sea. Their way is difficult and dangerous, not everyone is destined to reach the sea and back.

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In the world of animals - 03:34 14/05/2017

Those funny animals, impossible surprised

Judging by the surprised mordechi was something out of the ordinary.

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In the world of animals - 03:15 14/05/2017

Adorable Hippo, which will decorate your day

Hippos have a reputation for being quite a feisty and aggressive animals, but it's hard to believe, looking at these wonderful little creatures.

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In the world of animals - 08:42 05/05/2017

The owl fell into the enclosure for a young tiger (7 photos)

The little owl that couldn't fly, trapped in a cage for a young tiger at Paignton zoo in Devon (UK). The bird was supposed to be a light snack for the tiger, who found her lying in the grass. When the predator approached the owl, the tone began to get very defensive.

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In the world of animals - 09:05 04/05/2017

Thick beaver is stuck in the fence (6 photos)

This rescue operation unfolded in the canadian Hamilton where plump over the winter the beaver could not climb through the gap in the metal fence and got stuck there. The sharp teeth of the animal was powerless against a rigid fence.

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In the world of animals - 08:35 04/05/2017

Fattened macaque will be sent to the centre for wild animals of weight loss (5 photos)

Macaque nicknamed "fat bitch" that lives on one of the floating markets in Bangkok, it was decided to send to the rehabilitation center for wild animals. The fact is that because of the constant handouts from tourists she so fat that you can hardly move.

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In the world of animals - 08:22 28/04/2017

The real length of the legs of the owl is not visible because of thick feathers (2 photos)

Owls never cease to amaze: they can turn his head 270°, to live for months without water, feeding on the blood of their victims, and without feathers look like aliens. And recently, the attention of Internet users attracted another interesting fact - it turns out that these birds have incredibly long legs.

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In the world of animals - 08:50 25/04/2017

14 dogs that have grown too fast (14 photos)

Look how just a few months, some of them managed to transform from puppies to large and faithful friends.

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In the world of animals - 07:44 25/04/2017

The rescue of the unfortunate pit bull Terrier (4 photos)

This poor pit bull Terrier found on the streets of Los Angeles, when he was on the verge of death. The poor dog was severely emaciated and the fleece was a lot of ticks. After examination of the animal by the vet it turned out and other diseases, including arthritis. But despite this, the dog got a loving mistress, whereby she every day feels better and better.

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In the world of animals - 07:25 25/04/2017

The biggest dog of Britain weighs the same as a baby elephant (8 photos)

The owners of blue dog named Balthazar was amazed when during a visit to the veterinary clinic revealed that their pet may be the heaviest dog in Britain. According to veterinarians, Balthazar weighs the same as a baby elephant - 95 kg.

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In the world of animals - 07:38 21/04/2017

Why Pets cannot be left with children (27 photos)

If we tried to put clothes on your cat, it probably would have scratched our hands. But after watching these photos you will understand that some animals are more tolerant of others, and especially with children! Dogs used as live paintings, to cats dressed in various outfits, this collection will make you smile, serving as a touching reminder of the special bond between children and their Pets!

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In the world of animals - 23:12 20/04/2017

Funny and cute elephants positive charge

The young of almost any animal looks adorable and cute. Photo collection cute baby elephants who all try to cheer you up and bring a smile.

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In the world of animals - 22:55 18/04/2017

Photos of stray cats in Tokyo

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki shoots landscapes and create portraits of beautiful women, he's busy taking pictures of stray cats that roam the streets of Tokyo, each of which, in his opinion, is separately taken a unique personality.

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In the world of animals - 21:13 18/04/2017

What did the animals left alone at home

Get a dog or a cat they said, it'll be fun, they said.

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In the world of animals - 07:48 18/04/2017

Brave man saves animals from lovers of dog meat (7 photos)

Mark Ching's risking her life to save dogs from killing for meat, - he was beaten, robbed, shot and threatened with a machete. Despite this, he pretends to be a buyer buys a van load of animals, then takes them to the vet from nearby areas that help him. Ching visited China, South Korea, and North Vietnam where they saved 249 dogs.

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In the world of animals - 07:42 18/04/2017

Man found under an old mattress five strange puppies (7 photos)

While working in the garden, the Briton Craig Mcgettrick found under the old mattress five tiny puppies. The man drove them to a rescue centre for animals, where their adopted dogs. But it later emerged that an error occurred - they were the cubs of a Fox.So the decision was made to return them to the place, and the mother came back for the kids, taking them to the new one.

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In the world of animals - 07:45 12/04/2017

The greedy bird swallowed the fish, which is three times bigger than his head (6 photos)

28-year-old American Jeremy Cohen (Jeremy Cohen) was able to remove the photo interesting picture while walking in Lakeland, Florida. American darter deftly pinned the beak a fish that was three times bigger than her head, and instantly swallowed it. This whole "operation" took less than 30 seconds.

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In the world of animals - 06:46 11/04/2017

Cat's Beau Monde: the most charming of purring (21 photos)

Cats are perhaps one of the most cute and amazing Pets, they are very popular around the world. And no wonder, because how can you not love these purring, furry creatures? Today we have prepared for you a selection of the most beautiful Pets from all over the world.

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In the world of animals - 22:47 09/04/2017

Photo of Pets during bathing

In the life of every pet there comes a day when suddenly his name was in the bathroom.

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In the world of animals - 22:05 09/04/2017

The wild inhabitants of the cities

In some big cities, when I return in the morning of the party, while everyone is asleep, in the deserted streets, sneaking Fox. A brief meeting recalled that the man shares this space with the wildlife. French photographer Laurent Geslin (Laurent Geslin) created a photo exhibition Urban Wildlife ("Urban wildlife"), which lifts the curtain on the life of wild animals with which urban residents exist side by side.

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In the world of animals - 07:57 07/04/2017

25 funny animals with no principles, who do not care about absolutely everything (26 photos)

Animals have a nature, given to them by nature, just like humans. That is why some of them are afraid of potatoes on the floor, while others can easily play with the vacuum cleaner. And yet there is a category of animals who do not care about absolutely everything. That's just. This fucker can walk on the street lying down, i.e., it does not bother that the owner of the leash is dragging it on the ground, they are not afraid to come to people and bathe in their pools, or walk among the crocodiles. Today Umbra makes you laugh and lifts your mood with a collection of just such animals have no principles, who do not care about absolutely everything. Literally.

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In the world of animals - 07:23 06/04/2017

The owner of a cat who loves to climb into boxes, found a funny use of his passion (7 photos)

Cats and boxes go together in life, because it is difficult to find a cat that does not want to place any of your furry ass. But it's hard to find a cat who loved to climb into boxes like Maru. We previously wrote to you about Mara, when his owner found a simple method of donning a cat so-called "paper" suits. The owner of Maru continued this theme by finding a new funny application his passion — now the cat is a little trying on wigs! As before the host cuts a hole in a Shoe box, and then glue the wig on top of it and waiting for Mara pushes back his adorable face. Benefit to wait long.

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In the world of animals - 01:49 04/04/2017

Cows look pretty strange when you decide to sit on the grass (13 photos)

Often the pastures are cows and bulls that are either stand or lie, digesting a huge amount of grass, but it turns out there are individuals who manage to sit down. It is noteworthy that in this position on the grass collapsed solely ladies.

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In the world of animals - 09:05 30/03/2017

Addicted to Cola dog lost most of the teeth (9 photos)

An aging dog named Lady fell in love with Coca-Cola, with just one SIP from a glass of his mistress. Animal for a whole year daily intake of sweet drinks and the result was not long in coming: in October 2016, the vet removed the dog 12 of her 16 teeth.Despite her unhealthy diet, January 29, 2017 Lady celebrated their 20th birthday.

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In the world of animals - 08:24 29/03/2017

The hooves of ponies that didn't cut off 10 years (11 photos)

When Shetland ponies were brought to the shelter for farm animals in Belgium, he was barely able to get off the trailer because secretivity in horns, hoofs, which he did not cut as much as 10 years. When rescuers found him in a pile of manure with a height of two feet, he was on the verge of starvation.The shelter staff brought the animal, which is now called Poly, in the divine form, but pony will never be able to walk properly because of damage to joints.

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In the world of animals - 08:47 24/03/2017

In Japan have created a perfume with the smell of the cat's forehead (6 photos)

Passionate cat owner will surely enjoy the new fragrance from the perfume company Yamamoto. The basis of aroma on... cat smell. But not the same "flavor", which you can smell in the homes of these animals, and the peculiar smell of the cat's forehead. Those who love to kiss your pet between the ears, of course, will understand, about what speech.

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In the world of animals - 07:59 23/03/2017

Life Albanian bear after the failure of the beer (13 photos)

5 months ago life was a living hell for the bear named PASOK. He lived in a dirty metal cage next to a restaurant in Albania and wore a heavy metal chain, which gradually grew into his skin. Pachuca kept for the entertainment of visitors, making him the pictures and the treats of his beer. Often beer and a loaf of bread was the only food of the bear.But last year Pasuka and his companions in misfortune, bears Tommy and Gina, rescued from captivity and moved to a bear sanctuary in Pristina, Kosovo. Initially ensued beer animals were reclusive and was irritable, but now settled and enjoying the freedom.Before:

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In the world of animals - 00:01 22/03/2017

Oh, these proteins

Ride before it melts...

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In the world of animals - 22:21 21/03/2017


Alexandre Bonnefoy is a French photographer exploring the world of Japanese stray cats in the series Neko Land. The heroes of this story where each person, decorated with scars and marks, despite the relatively humane treatment of the cats by local residents.

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In the world of animals - 17:50 21/03/2017

Husky left alone for three hours (8 photos)

Who said that interior design is not for dogs? One dog breed husky decided to prove the doubters back as soon as the owners had gone to the movies and left him alone in the house. In just three hours, the young designer has completely transformed the dwelling of unsuspecting families.First, as any real artist, the dog soiled the feet.

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In the world of animals - 08:50 15/03/2017

'Blind' cat, which picked up on the street, surprised with his unusual eyes (8 photos)

Meet Cotton (the Cotton, which translated to English means "cotton"), who was found blind on the streets, saved, healed, and when he opened his eyes, the surprise of the people knew no bounds!

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In the world of animals - 08:49 15/03/2017

Brutal dog fights in the stadium in Bishkek (12 photos)

At a stadium in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, going breeders wolfhounds from the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to during dog fights their Pets could gnaw at the contenders the title of "Champion Breed". Yet massive animals in blood torn each other, they are removed by the owners and a specially assembled audience.

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In the world of animals - 08:38 14/03/2017

17 animals who have simply melted away in front of us (17 photos)

According to scientists, the man on 70% consists of water. And if you look at nature, some animals and birds as if made of liquid.Turning the hamster into a pancake

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In the world of animals - 09:25 13/03/2017

Cat owner puts their Pets tights (10 photos)

First appeared on the Internet pictures of dogs in tights, now this fate befell the cats. The owners of the animals pulled on tights and leggings to complement the personality shorts, skirts, socks and shoes, and then photographed with them.

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In the world of animals - 09:22 13/03/2017

Skunk from the animal world (11 photos)

Some animals smell bad for several reasons. For some, a bad odor is a defense mechanism: feeling threatened, they release a poisonous spray that will scare off any predator. Others use their scent to mark territory or to protect food from encroachment. Below we will discuss the most pochopeni the animal world.

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In the world of animals - 08:34 10/03/2017

Rasabhasa dog lost 20 kg thanks to training and a healthy diet (9 photos)

The owners Jack Russell Terrier named pearl fattened the dog up to 36 kg, and then dumped in the Parking lot. Being in a rescue centre, animal fat lost 20 kg through a strict diet and training. Now the pearl, which was previously transferred to the special Board, leads an active life and inspires dieters people.

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In the world of animals - 08:55 09/03/2017

17 dogs who won't do it. Probably (17 photos)

These dogs are very ashamed. So they apologize and promise never, never to do.Bad behavior always has a reason

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In the world of animals - 08:43 09/03/2017

15 animals, for whom nature is not enough paint (12 photos)

In life anything can happen. Thanks to the models with white spots on dark skin and Michael Jackson, the world learned about vitiligo. What about animals?

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In the world of animals - 08:29 28/02/2017

Kung fu giraffe loaded opponent with a hoof to the neck (4 photos)

King of kung-fu among giraffes was captured 53-year-old photographer named Thomas Retterath. Usually these animals are very calm and if you find out the relationship, then trying to hit the head on the neck of the opponent. The author of the pictures said that the fight was held according to the rules, when suddenly one of the giraffes, tired butt, inflicted a powerful blow to the back foot to the neck.

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In the world of animals - 09:12 27/02/2017

The largest birds of the world (16 photos)

Our world is home to thousands of birds – they are all interesting and amazing. Today we look at 15 of the largest birds. The selection criterion is as weight and height, and wingspan.

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In the world of animals - 11:49 24/02/2017

The salvation of the bald bear (16 photos)

A bear named Dominga still in its infancy, seized from poachers. She lived in a small cage in the zoo of Peru, but because of the experiences after the death of her sister during childbirth four years ago, she began to go bald. Dominga almost completely lost the coat, fortunately bear was found by the RSPCA. They treated her bald-headed beast and drove over 500 miles to a new home in the dense jungle of the Amazon. In their natural habitat 14-year-old Dominga will go on the amendment and re-covered with hair.

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In the world of animals - 09:51 22/02/2017

The cat, whose matted hair weighed half himself, were finally trimmed and now you don't recognize him (7 photos)

Meet Sinbad, a Persian cat that was found covered with two kilograms of matted wool. "Sinbad came to our shelter after one handyman saw him in the house of an elderly gentleman. This man was not able to take care of himself, not to mention the cat," said Elliot Serrano, volunteer at Chicago animal shelter. Meet Sinbad, the Persian cat, which was covered with two kilograms of matted wool

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In the world of animals - 09:44 21/02/2017

If owls to pluck all the feathers, it will begin to resemble an alien (3 photos)

Most people call owls pretty nice birds, but only as long as you do not behold them without feathers. In the form of a nip these birds are a little similar to your feather option and more like dinosaurs or aliens.

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In the world of animals - 08:40 21/02/2017

A light Breakfast or Python as a snake swallowed a Royal parrot (5 photos)

These terrifying photos of eating carpet Python Royal parrot was filmed in Queensland, Australia. The snake was trying to warm up in the sun while close, is too close to it landed a bird.

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In the world of animals - 13:48 19/02/2017

Bison as a pet

All people relate differently to the expression "pet". Someone gets dogs, some kitty, and the couple from Texas started by a Buffalo, which became their pet. That Buffalo's name is Savage, he loves to watch TV along with the hosts, and he is eating exclusively from the master's table, as a full member of the family.

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