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Cars, gadgets, science

Cars and electronics - 11:17 16/05/2017

The new 3D printers: a rapid liquid seal (6 photos + video)

Rapid Liquid Printing — a new direction in 3D printing, allowing you to create objects of large volumes. The proposed method is a joint development of furniture manufacturer Steelcase and specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

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Cars and electronics - 11:05 16/05/2017

Where do police cars in the United States (19 photos)

Offer to meet with one company, the largest supplier, which is engaged in the preparation of vehicles for police, fire and government. The slogan of the President is simple and not complicated: “If you don't care about your client, it will make for you the competitor.” The Golden rule for any profession, it seems simple, but not many people understand.

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Cars and electronics - 11:23 15/05/2017

Lambo Countach with low mileage ready to find a new owner (50 photos)

Offered for purchase on online auction Bring a Trailer sports car Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV can be considered one of the best preserved car of this model today on the odometer of the model is mark 10 464 kilometers. In addition, sports car are painted in the unique exterior color is Rosso Siviglia.

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Cars and electronics - 11:18 15/05/2017

Unusual gadgets. Part No. 233 (7 photos)

In this issue: the all-knowing Bluetooth speaker is The Answer Master; sound-system Sleep Environment System; backpack SolarSak with filters for cleaning of fresh water and other entertaining gadgets.

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Cars and electronics - 04:10 14/05/2017

In Silicon valley a growing number of people-cyborgs (6 photos)

Silicon valley is experiencing a new boom. This time, its people have puzzled their health and now regularly check the glucose level. To do this, under the skin is a small device which allows you to monitor the performance. And to a new spirit joined the people suffering from diabetes. They just want to be cyborgs.

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Cars and electronics - 04:08 14/05/2017

On the ride than the Arab sheikhs (6 photos)

Arab sheiks definitely love good cars, but because always and willingly spend a lot of money on them. So in this review we will focus on a few really unique and fabulously expensive cars that belong to the same sheikhs.

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Cars and electronics - 04:05 14/05/2017

In Kostanay the car painted along with the fence (5 photos)

Cars of several citizens painted without the knowledge and willingness of the owners. At the time of incident the vehicle Kazakhs were parked in the Parking lot.

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Cars and electronics - 04:00 14/05/2017

Camping stove 2 CampStove charges gadgets (9 photos + video)

Five years ago, the company BioLite presented a unique compact solid-fuel stove with a built-in mechanical generator of electric current, which were a perfect fit for hikes, where to find the source for charging gadgets is not only problematic, but virtually impossible. Now the manufacturer offers an improved version of the thermoelectric CampStove 2.

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Cars and electronics - 03:52 14/05/2017

A passenger Kitty Hawk copter from the co-founder of Google (3 photos + video)

Maybe by 2018, the sale will be a single kopter Kitty Hawk, which will run on electricity — in the network appeared the first videos showing the flight test equipment on a California lake. The project is funded personally by Larry page, one of the legendary founders of Google.

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Cars and electronics - 03:50 14/05/2017

In Monaco revealed the production flying car (10 photo + 1 video)

Engineers Slovakian company AeroMobil has created the first production flying car, prototype which has been presented recently in the framework of Monaco, Top Marques auto show.

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Cars and electronics - 03:48 14/05/2017

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (12 photos)

It would seem that there is nothing more extreme than the Challanger Hellcat, but Dodge has outdone itself again, creating this monster with 840 horsepower under the hood. Never before has the V8 engine of the production car was not given so much power. What was the result?

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Cars and electronics - 03:44 14/05/2017

Frankfurt and Geneva - How did a car show and what they do (9 photos)

Auto show is one of the most important events for anyone involved with the auto industry. Automakers are preparing to show your serial and new concept cars, their development as producers of spare parts, tires, electronics, everything that happens in detail retell the army of reporters from around the world, assessment experts and give criticism.

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Cars and electronics - 03:42 14/05/2017

The fastest of the Lada cars winning races (18 photos)

Company Lada Sport has revealed a new racing version of the "Vesta" for the RTCS with the turbo 350 "horses". Let's admire this car and think of other cool racing Lada who conquered the racing tracks. And not only them.

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Cars and electronics - 13:14 05/05/2017

Kids retro car out of wood with your hands (7 photos)

This amazing wooden car in the style of 20-ies of XX century was made by a father for his son. According to the drawings from the Internet the man has built a wooden children's electric car, which is very like the boy. Read more about how to create the machine, will tell photos and videos from the post.

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Cars and electronics - 13:00 05/05/2017

Practical plastic watch Watch Papr (12 photos + video)

The company Paprcuts Gang from Germany has developed an original, comfortable and affordable Papr Watch wristwatch with unusual for this product material — Tyvek.

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Cars and electronics - 12:31 04/05/2017

The new Acer camera Holo 360 smart watch Leap Ware (7 photos)

Not to be outdone by competitors, at the conference Acer@Next company Acer introduced a smart watch of its own design Ware Leap and a stereo camera Holo 360. The watch will be on sale in July, about the release date of the camera market are not yet known.

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Cars and electronics - 12:28 04/05/2017

Renault showed a concept of Formula 1 race car 2027 (24 photos + 1 video)

For Formula 1 fans with the experience it is no secret that soon the cars can lose open cockpit. From time to time the pilots are testing various protective systems, which should help them in case of accidents such as those which killed the pilot Jules Bianchi, Justin Wilson and Ayrton Senna, and insists the FIA, the international Motorsport Federation.

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Cars and electronics - 19:31 03/05/2017

Mid Night Club - the Legend of street racing (9 photos)

We have repeatedly raised in different themes street racing. The only conclusion you can come to this issue – none of the public highway will never be safe and fit for racing. The most skilled driver can make a mistake, and the only place where this error is acceptable – racing track.

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Cars and electronics - 19:21 03/05/2017

Unusual gadgets. Part No. 232 (6 photos)

In this issue: wheelchair Scewo able to move down the stairs; AquaDrone assistant in fishing; a transmitter of acoustic vibrations Hapbeat and other original gadgets.

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Cars and electronics - 19:12 03/05/2017

The history of the Russian crossover Apal-2154 "Stalker" (14 photos)

In Russia many attempts have been made to create small-scale car with a body made of composite materials. Most of them eventually ended zilch, and only a few came at least to experiment with production organization. The latter refers to project light SUV Apal-2154 "Stalker" from Togliatti. About how they were born this crossover, how it developed and why, despite all efforts, has not appeared in the sale.

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Cars and electronics - 18:56 03/05/2017

Xiaomi Mi 6 — glass flagship with dual camera (17 photos)

Company Xiaomi officially unveiled its flagship smartphone Mi 6, replacing last year's and Mi5 Mi5S. Visually one gets the impression that the novelty differs little from its predecessors, however, this is only at first glance.

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Cars and electronics - 13:08 28/04/2017

Wavy rotational bus "Ural-Next" KAVZ (4 photos)

In August, GAZ Group plans to present "a shift bus Deluxe" on the chassis "Ural-Next".

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Cars and electronics - 13:07 28/04/2017

The French abandoned the showroom (6 photos)

In a Facebook posting pictures that were made on the site of an abandoned Garage showroom Lada Gilbert in the East of France. The photographs, dozens of cars LADA from very rusty to quite serviceable.

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Cars and electronics - 13:00 28/04/2017

March TOP 10 most productive smartphone (3 photos)

Experts AnTuTu made the March ranking of the most powerful smartphones. The leading position it took two seventh iPhone and Android OS based OnePlus 3T. Also in the top ten included three versions of the Xiaomi Mi 5 and ZTE Axon 7. TOP 10 most powerful smartphones on the Android operating system has replenished with the LG G5 and HTC 10 by not falling into this category of mobile devices Apple.

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Cars and electronics - 12:55 27/04/2017

In the United States put up for sale a very rare BMW M5 (18 photos)

When we say "old BMW M5", we introduce the powerful sedan in the back of E34. But only the BMW fans know that the Bavarians released the M5 and 5-Series E28.

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Cars and electronics - 12:44 27/04/2017

Soon the display can recognize finger prints (3 photos)

CrucialTech received a patent for the development nutritionplan fingerprint scanner (DFS). Specialists of the organization worked on the technology for 5 years. Smartphone manufacturers are interested in the success of the developers, as long as I want to give up the fingerprint sensor built into the Home button or is provided separately on the rear panel of the device.

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Cars and electronics - 12:38 26/04/2017

Alternative to plastic packaging edible (5 photos)

Packaging of the future is embodied in the life of a startup Skipping Rocks Lab. The idea of developers is to replace plastic products that harm the environment. Startups offered Ooho — environmentally friendly product that can serve as a reservoir for any liquid (water and various drinks) and delicacies that eating on the go.

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Cars and electronics - 12:38 26/04/2017

Karma caught up with autocad for BMW X5 (2 photos)

This abandoned in the dirt SUV BMW X5 stuck in one of the courtyards of St. Petersburg. According to residents, the driver attempted to leave a mud trap for 2 hours, but when he realized that all his attempts are futile, decided to leave the car until better times. The perfect self-punishment for autocad, drove on the lawn.

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Cars and electronics - 12:51 25/04/2017

During the test drive broke sports car Porsche Panamera 4S (2 pics)

In Odessa during the test drive was a Porsche Panamera 4S. Luxury car worth 3.3 million hryvnia (123 thousands of dollars) crashed into a parked tow truck. Nobody was hurt, but the car was seriously damaged. Who was the culprit and will be responsible for a wrecked car is still unknown.

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Cars and electronics - 12:24 25/04/2017

Unknown arsonists machines - now in the streets of Moscow (4 photos)

Last night in the southwestern administrative area of Moscow, in the street the Warm Camp, lit at once four cars. Badly burned and a couple of Lexus cars Hyundai Solaris.

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Cars and electronics - 12:23 25/04/2017

Facebook announced a technology that translates thoughts into typed text, and 360-degree camera (4 pics + video)

In the framework of the implementation of virtual reality technology company Oculus, owned by Facebook, has presented interesting novelties: two 360-degree camera and sensor capable of translating thoughts into typed text.

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Cars and electronics - 12:56 24/04/2017

Repair iPads (4 photos)

The emergence of iPads has made the real furor. A large quantity of people want to become the owner of this kind of portable devices. Sooner or later, there are situations when the gadget ceases to function properly.

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Cars and electronics - 12:40 24/04/2017

Unusual gadgets. Part No. 231 (6 photos)

In this issue: player Elbow for audio cassettes; glove controller CaptoGlove; "smart" scales Xiaomi the Good light Mini 2 and other entertaining gadgets.

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Cars and electronics - 12:32 24/04/2017

Fantastic new SUV from Mercedes (12 photos)

In the hangar Mercedes got a new, incredibly interesting SUV, which was born in order to conquer the most difficult conditions. The car came out extremely high quality, giving a head start to all nearby competitors. It's hard not to admit that the car of such level, appear on the market very infrequently.

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Cars and electronics - 13:28 21/04/2017

The machine - ghosts (32 photos)

Cars that look like dead, but still living. In spite of all the circumstances. Go, the sky is smoked.

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Cars and electronics - 13:06 21/04/2017

Modular acoustics in bionic style from Bang & Olufsen (8 photo + 2 video)

Danish manufacturer of high-quality acoustics Bang & Olufsen has released a new system. It stands out among competitors not only for its technical characteristics, but also original design. BeoSound Shape consists of modules made in the form of a honeycomb. The user can fix them on a vertical or horizontal surface, comprising in any order.

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Cars and electronics - 13:25 20/04/2017

The machines of the future (11 photos)

The sixties in the United States called the Golden era of the automotive industry. Let's see what sketches did then, presenting the car of the future.

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Cars and electronics - 13:21 20/04/2017

Tested an analog of the Iron man suit (6 photos + video)

The results of several years of work by Briton Richard Browning presented a system that provides a person the possibility of movement over a solid surface. Thus, the inventor realized the fantastic scenes from the movie about Iron man or even earlier movie "the Rocketeer" (1991). Several compact jet engines are attached to the hands and feet of the pilot and allow you to simulate rocket jumps or forward movement over the surface under the radar.

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Cars and electronics - 13:16 20/04/2017

Tesla Model X with red interior Bentley Red (12 photos)

Atelier T Sportline has shined in the cabin of the crossover Tesla Model X P90D, which has received bright leather trim is red. And we are not talking about ordinary color, and the color Red Bentley!

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Cars and electronics - 12:50 19/04/2017

Production of ZAZ (20 photos)

The tour of the factory JSC "ZAZ" — Ukrainian company, car manufacturer, formerly known under the brand "Zaporozhets".

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Cars and electronics - 12:34 19/04/2017

Video camera masquerading as a charger (5 photos + video)

LookOut Charger it looks like charging for gadgets and even can be used as such, in parallel, performing their direct function — to provide security to all households and property from unauthorized persons.

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Cars and electronics - 12:33 19/04/2017

Suzuki Jimny - endangered species (18 photos)

10 years ago, there was a period when the Jimny was a popular one. In Moscow there were many of them. Generally men buy their wives or mistresses. The machine is bright in design, small, just for the fairer sex (sort of) and besides — "the jeep", which cost adequate money.

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Cars and electronics - 13:09 18/04/2017

Player Elbow will give cassette tapes a second life (4 photos + video)

One of the legacies of the 80-ies and 90-ies of the last century — audiotapes, which some still are on the shelves unclaimed. Portable and compact player Elbow offered by the company BrainMonk from Lithuania, will allow to listen to the recording with comfort and without much difficulty.

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Cars and electronics - 12:55 18/04/2017

Jeep introduced the powerful SUV Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (9 photos)

Twelve years ago, brutal Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with the atmospheric "eight" Hemi 6.1 power of 420 HP was among the most powerful and luxury RVS on the market dynamic was that the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

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Cars and electronics - 12:55 17/04/2017

Features of presidential "FIELDS"

Government motorcades of cars of world famous brands, is known to all Russians. But do not leave the Russian President without attention to the domestic car brands, and the latter in turn proves that there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks. An example of this might be the car "NIVA", which was purchased for personal use, the Russian President

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Cars and electronics - 12:52 17/04/2017

Smart calendar displays events from Google Calendar (6 photos + video)

All the cases on one sheet joined KOs Tsuboi. The Japanese designer has created a smart calendar that up-to-date. It is possible not to be afraid to miss an important meeting or forget a birthday of relatives. The large color screen on the e-paper is synchronized with the gadget master. All changes and events in Google calendar are immediately reflected on the device-the stand-in.

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Cars and electronics - 12:53 14/04/2017

Homemade car for our roads (3 photos)

Lord who would want a car with increased ground clearance for the Russian realities? Here - a medium-sized sedan car with improved maneuverability :)

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Cars and electronics - 12:46 14/04/2017

Samsung DeX — a docking station that turns your smartphone into a desktop PC (13 photos)

For the new flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Galaxy Plus, Samsung has released a portable docking station DeX, which turns them into analog desktop personal computer. The main mission of the new items — to minimize the need to use a PC for work and personal Affairs, unless, of course, does not require serious computing power and high performance.

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Cars and electronics - 12:44 14/04/2017

The most convenient and practical station wagons (9 photos)

Many are willing to buy practical roomy car and take a look at the crossovers and station wagons. The latter have a huge advantage, which few people realize. How to choose a car, what to pay attention, as well as the best new model later in the review.

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Cars and electronics - 13:54 13/04/2017

Antique model car (11 photos)

German collector by the name of Jens Trinkl can boast a very unusual hobby - he collects model cars (1/18) and special methods sostarivayut them.

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