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Funny pictures and funny pictures

Jokes - 03:56 14/05/2017

USB mass storage disk (7 photos)

Cool idea ))

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Jokes - 03:43 14/05/2017

All fishing!

Still cool on the outside, but you can sit with a fishing rod on the shore. But if this is not possible, can marvel at pictures of cute fishwives and their catches.

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Jokes - 03:40 14/05/2017

In every family there are people who do not walk up. In our it — grandma!

In every family there are people who do not walk up. In our's grandma. After the death of his grandfather six years ago we moved her to himself.My parents say that it was Fate taking revenge on them for no apparent teenage problems in both children, we i.e. me and my sisters.For example, in July, receiving a pension, she rushed week with her best friend at sea, off the phone, and called when he run out of money.

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Jokes - 03:37 14/05/2017

Classification friends in pictures

Funny and very true categorization of friends by type

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Jokes - 03:34 14/05/2017

Unhealthy patriotism

"The patriotism of the brain"...If the disease had a name, it would sound that way...Agree, should always be a line between patriotism and foolish praise absolutely everything that "their"...

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Jokes - 03:29 14/05/2017

The glory of Russian medicine!

My friend has a Mama, the experience of medical experience of over 40, is now retired, but medical grip felt. Very similar in spirit to that lady from the movie - "to cut to hell!"They went with the son on the ticket in the near abroad. In the evening sitting in the restaurant, talking quietly, mother complacently, with a view of socialites, sipping wine. Suddenly at the next table girl at first turned white, then blushed and wheezing fell off my chair.People started to run around, noise, noise, call the doctor.

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Jokes - 03:26 14/05/2017

Why Gerasim drowned my mu-Mu? From the point of view...

Archimedes: To once again reiterate my law.Karl Marx: it was led by the logic of the class struggle.Confucius: to observe the tribute, and to support virtue, showing respect to elders and higher.Barbara CARTLAND: to win the heart of ladies, showing what madness is capable of love...Carl Jung: this prompted his unconscious desire to follow the archetypal image of sacrifice.

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Jokes - 03:21 14/05/2017

Automor #217

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Jokes - 22:50 03/05/2017

Persons everywhere!

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Jokes - 22:45 03/05/2017

When the gym first time

Jackass at the gym who either don't know how to use the simulator, or trying in vain to say "invent the wheel". Anyway, it looks very funny!

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Jokes - 13:15 20/04/2017

Dollhouse, which is more expensive than real property (12 photos)

Colleen Moore was one of the highest paid and the most fashionable movie stars in Hollywood of the 1920-ies.

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Jokes - 22:15 18/04/2017

Automor #216

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Jokes - 15:27 17/04/2017

Man, you got it!

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