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17 "compelling" reasons never to visit India (17 photos)

If your came up with the idea to visit a country like India, then think carefully once again: is it worth it?

Why do you need those usual dull Indian beaches?

A trivial multi-colored city? But who hasn't?

Look at those boring tea plantations

What could be worse than Cycling through them?

Is this lake at least a little nice?

It seems there is such a person, who would all like it

Indian elephants — who hasn't?

And monkeys at every step. Not cute

We've all seen these places prettier, isn't it?

Much prettier

What's so special about this bird?

The sunrise I can see and at home, it is the same everywhere

Yes, there is absolutely nothing attractive

Look at this Fort: it is impossible to imagine anyone who would want to go here!

Before to come here, think...

...you will not regret if you spent on this journey of time and money?



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