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Mysteries of civilization

Tisulsky Raion sarcophagus

"In 1969 in the village of Rzhavchik Tisulsky Raion district during the Stripping operations at the coal mine was found a strange coffin, in which lay a young looking woman, both living. Scientists have found: her age around 800 million years". - A legend found journalists MK in Kuzbass" in the global network Internet.

Deciding to check the authenticity of the tradition, the correspondent of the newspaper went on an expedition to the place, where 38 years ago as if a miracle happened...

According to "Internet writer"himself Oleg Kolyshkina, a story that he heard from a retired KGB Colonel:
"It happened in early September 1969 in the village Rzhavchik Tisulsky Raion district of the Kemerovo region. During the Stripping operations at a coal mine in the heart of the twenty-metre coal seam, lying at a depth of 70 meters, miner Karnaukhov (later died in a motorcycle under the wheels of the Truck) found a two-meter marble casket amazingly accurate mechanical manufacture. Team supervisor Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygina (died in 1980, according to the official version - ulcer) all work was stopped immediately. The casket was brought to the surface and began to open: to peck around the edges petrified from time putty. Not so much from shock as from the effects of solar heat, putty turned into a transparent liquid and flowed. One thrill-seeker even tried it on the language (literally a week has gone mad, and in February froze at the door of his own house).

The lid of the casket was fitted in just perfectly. For a more durable connection of the inner edge was fringed with a double face, tight going into pjatnadtsatisantimetrovaja wall thickness.

The discovery was a shock to the audience. The casket was a coffin, filled to the brim pink-blue crystal clear liquid, under spring surface which rested high (about 180 cm), slim, unusual beauty woman - looks about thirty years old, with fine European features and large, wide-open blue eyes. Thick, dark brown with reddish tint curls to her waist lightly covered resting along the body's delicate white hands with a short, neatly trimmed nails. She wears a white lace transparent dress length just below the knee, with short, embroidered colorful flowers, sleeves. Underwear was not. It seemed that the woman is not dead, but asleep. At the head is a black rectangle, rounded at one end, the metal box (something like a cell phone) approximately 25 10 see

The coffin stood open for public viewing from about 10 to 15 hours. Look at the miracle was the whole village. Almost immediately about the discovery was reported in the district. Come in large numbers chiefs, firefighters, military, police. To 14 hours from the area arrived brick colors helicopter and brought a dozen solid "comrades" in plain clothes, who immediately said that the place is contagious and ordered those present to move away from the sepulchre. Then surrounded the locality and rewrote all who touched the coffin, and even standing close, ostensibly for urgent medical examination.

The coffin "comrades" was dragged into the helicopter, but the burden was too heavy, and they decided to alleviate the problem is to remove the liquid. After pumping the liquid from the grave the corpse before her eyes began to turn black. Then the liquid is again flooded, and black quickly began to disappear. A minute later on the cheeks late again already played blush, and all the body of the deceased acquired the former lifelike appearance. The coffin was closed and brought into the helicopter, together with the earth remains putty in a plastic bag and ordered the witness to leave. Then the helicopter flew up and headed to Novosibirsk.

Within five days from Novosibirsk to Rzhavchik came an elderly Professor and read at the country club lecture on the preliminary results of laboratory studies of recent findings. The Professor said that this rzhavchinka discovery will revolutionize the understanding of history. In the near future Soviet scientists will publish their findings, and it will crush the scientific world in shock. The age of the burial, according to the Professor, at least 800 million years! This refutes the Darwinian theory of the origin of man from apes. The woman buried in the Carboniferous period of the Paleozoic era for millions of years before the appearance of the dinosaurs, long before the formation of the planet of coal, when, in the modern view, the Earth was a solid vegetable Kingdom.

Initially, the coffin with the body of a woman was standing in a wooden tomb in the midst of a deep thicket. Over time, the crypt is completely rooted in the earth collapsed and without oxygen for hundreds of millions of years turned into a monolithic layer of coal.

Was initially put forward by the alien version, but genetic analysis of a woman's body showed 100% similarity with modern Russian man. We are now one-to-one such as were our ancestors 800 million years ago!

It is established that the level of civilization, which belonged to a woman, exceeds all known so far, including our own, as the nature of the cloth from which made dress "Princess", not amenable to scientific analysis. Equipment for the production of such material mankind has not yet invented. Haven't managed to determine the composition of the pink-blue liquid, identified only some of its components, formed the most ancient varieties of onions and garlic. About the metal box, the Professor said nothing, except that she studied.

...Soon Tisulsky Raion district was suddenly cordoned off by the military, and the place where was found a coffin, carefully dug and piled earth. And yet, despite the efforts of the authorities, among the inhabitants of the village were fighters for the truth. One of the heroes obbihav all instances, even wrote a letter to the CPSU Central Committee, but after the year he died (according to the official version from heart failure). When in the course of the year, one after the other in road accidents killed all six of the "pioneers" of the tomb, those who survived became silent forever.

In 1973, when, according to the authorities, "all was quiet"on the shores and Islands of lake Berikul that six kilometers from the place of occurrence of the sarcophagus, all summer to late autumn in the strictest secrecy was conducted large-scale excavations. The site was cordoned off by soldiers and police. But as they say, a cat in a bag! Once migrant workers who participated in the excavations and for a long time palkivala, went to the district store, pediphile and let slip that the Islands discovered an ancient cemetery of the stone age". Provide details they flatly refused, but the whole village saw on the site and then came "brick" helicopter and something was taken away, and on completion of the work on the Islands and shores of Articula left hundreds dug and carefully covered with earth graves...".
"Legendary" village

Rzhavchik is just six kilometers from Tesla, is a typical "endangered" the village: a few dozen old houses with small gardens and outhouses, about two hundred adults, mostly retired, and about 60 young people. Half of them children, they attend the local school, a wooden building which was built in 1967. In 30-ies of the last century near the village was a coal mine - then Rzhavchik was quite a large settlement, then the mine was closed, and in its place was opened incision, the little village has moved to a new coal plant. When the incision has ceased to exist, Rzhavchik also has withered, and now altogether extinct. By the way, and the local school runs past year - old building, and little children, all the young people in the district have moved, left the old ones...

Street Rzhavchine desert and meet someone on the way, apparently, is a big deal. But luck that day we smiled very widely.

The first we have seen on the street, older man and woman flatly stated: "all this Gossip! There was nothing, at least we know nothing!"

But the second meeting with one of the local residents I was shocked and pleased at the same time - poor old woman in a quilted jacket turned out to be... the wife of the miner Karnaukhova, which is mentioned in the legend. Tatyana Pavlovna Karnaukhova told that, indeed, her husband once worked on a career, however, he died five years ago as a result of prolonged severe illness. And about the mysterious discovery Tatyana Pavlovna deceased spouse did not say, "I don't know, don't know anything! I'm here live for a long time, since 1935, but not up to what I didn't! I'm floors of soap on the company here, then on Kichaka, and even the beast was, so I need to get home was soon, soon. So anything I wasn't interested and didn't hear anything".
There were tombs, but not those...

According to the Director of the village school Galina Rebrikov, the entire teaching staff of the story knows, but the teachers were confident that this is just an April fools joke. The fact that the legend of Tisulsky Raion discovery a few years ago published a local newspaper in early April. But, unfortunately, nobody bothered to go to Rzhavchik to something to find out. Meanwhile, the article is then caused a stir: "We are interested, began to question the local who are older and in those years lived here, but, first, it appeared that there were only a few, and secondly, nothing like they don't remember, that is, roughly speaking, no findings were not at all, " says Galina Grigoryevna. - True, the people mentioned in the article, have lived here actually. For example, Alexander Masaligin really worked on his career, but he didn't die in the 80s, and later, in 1983-1984 year from leukemia. Wife Karnaukhova still lives here... And this quarry in 1973 was closed, now it was all overgrown, turned into an ordinary forest.

In General, teachers assured me that "it's all fiction unknown author", but one of the teachers uttered the phrase, when I asked about the excavations in 1973: "Yes, kind of, came, dug something... In my opinion, a few graves even found...", to which the Director cut: "It is not the grave!".
Destroyer of myths

However, the headmaster told me to meet Nikolai Mikhailovich Germanuim is the last in this area, survivors of the brigade, which, according to legend, found the mysterious sarcophagus. Germanov worked at that time the excavator. That's what I told Nikolai Mikhailovich:

Slit near Riabczika opened in 1949, it was called "Kiya". There was mined coal for local power plants. Anything that is described in the legend, there was not. Masaligin worked as a machinist, Alexander I. Karnaukhov Smith was, and he died a blacksmith was struck, on a motorcycle was driving, and got hit by a truck. Not immediately, however, died, pobolel two days... a Year in the 80s it was, precisely I do not remember.

"But his wife, Tatiana Karnaukhova, said that her husband was just the miners, and he died five years ago from the disease. How so? - I inquired.

Yes blacksmith he was... On the motorcycle they were riding with Kichaka, and she came along too... no need to lie to Me. And Tatiana just an old woman forgets...

I first about this story from the local newspaper found out, I then a hundred people called, everybody was asking whether it's true or not, I'm one of the teams left. It is in Moscow or even in Kemerovo a story to tell, could, and would, because there's nobody to ask, and we have Rzhavchik small - all in the mind, we even knew who you slept with, not something that IS!

The tale-I myself liked it, but not true all of this. I am 33 years while he worked as an excavator driver, no bone is not found, not that of the sarcophagi. This was not the case. There was nothing. I would feel would be interesting to look at all this, but...

The last words Germanow said with regret.
Questions without answers

Sorry! Really, sorry! But the last and, apparently, the only possible witness to the events described above, argues that Tisulsky Raion findings never existed. This, in principle, the investigation can and finish, but remained in the history of the white spots. For example, why the evidence Karnaukhova and Germanova so different? Everyone his story about the characters exactly half coincides with the legend, the only one they meet, like a mantra I repeat - there was no such! No less interesting is the identity of the author of the mysterious history, as well as the identity of a retired employee of the KGB, which this story was told. Where the narrator is so accurate data about the coal pit, about Karnaukhova and Masalygina? Why exactly are they? Why Rzhavchik? Why sarcophagus with a Russian beauty? Maybe the rights of an unknown author, was still Tisulsky Raion find only survivor witnesses silenced forever?!

Say, we in the taiga are still some enthusiasts looking for the missing gold Kolchak, maybe someday, somewhere will flicker trail and this Tisulsky Raion finds...

Roman Yanchenko.



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Comments "Tisulsky Raion sarcophagus" Upstairs
From: jsmith 2016/03/25 09:06
Now what kind of mobile phones existed in 1969. Cameras used film, weren't digital like today. But I would think someone would have a camera of some type. If it was taken away by military I would bet that they took many photos. If this does exist. What are these governments afraid of??
From: mandy smith 2016/03/19 18:56
oh..please, 10 to 15 hours, and not one civilian person in that time photographed or video'd what they had seen, even in poor countries today, allot if not all people have got access to some mobile android phone...and it was at the latter stage of the 15 hours when officials got involved, No...sorry, if this was real, i'm pretty sure we would of seen something more by now.
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