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UFO, mysteries, reptiles, religion, true somewhere nearby

Mysteries of civilization - 18:10 29/02/2016


Following an influential MP structure is the Committee of three hundred, which includes, Collesano, three hundred richest families in the world. This is a very old secret society, founded in 1729 by the "black nobility" with the help of the British East India Company to resolve the problems of international banks and trade and to ensure the opium trade. It is directly controlled by the British Crown. It includes the entire global banking system the most important representatives of Western Nations. Through the Committee of three hundred, all banks are connected with the Rothschilds. The Committee closely related and important to the Illuminati, therefore, obviously, is at the top of the pyramid of World government.

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Mysteries of civilization - 18:08 29/02/2016


The study of the so-called World government, its goals and objectives by establishing a New world order is quite a thankless job. First, more and more the theme itself purposefully prepariruetsya, discredited and translates into the category of platitudes and "conspiracy theories".

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:49 29/02/2016

The mystery of a lost civilization

Birthplace of civilization? In ancient times, people wrote about a certain continent, located between Hawaii and Easter island. According to the legend, from a large piece of land leaving only small Islands, and the survivors from the disasters humans settled the world. Is it really from them originated all the peoples?

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:22 29/02/2016

The vision of Raimundo Aguilera on the global earthquake.

Visions of the American clairvoyant Raymond Aguilera (1991) revealed to him by God himself (from his "Book of prophecies").

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:08 29/02/2016

Fish can shrink in size by a quarter

According to canadian scientists, metamorphosis can occur because of global warming.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:05 29/02/2016

The Report Of Milton Cooper

(1947) has Just ended the most destructive and expensive war in the history of the world's population. United States made and used (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) atomic bomb, were the only state that has a weapon that can kill not only the enemy, but practically the entire globe. The US economy flourished, the country is the world's highest standard of living.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:56 29/02/2016

Sumerian civilization

Sumer is the oldest civilization on earth, made many discoveries, was the first to invent written language, some of its cosmological myths are confirmed by science.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:36 29/02/2016

The Heritage Of The Roerich. Predictions Of Helena Roerich

In 1980 the most famous XX century prophetess Vanga said that the paintings of Nicholas Roerich encrypted. They contain special revelations and important predictions for the entire future of humanity. And the Nikolai Roerich's not just an artist, and an inspired prophet. The time comes, and the youngest son of Nicholas Roerich - Svetoslav will try to uncover the secret meaning of the teachings and paintings of his father.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:10 28/02/2016

As the Moon changes our mood

The moon strongly influences the emotional sphere of man, it moves fast, and its location in relation to other planets are changing too often, and therefore the mood is sensitive to lunar influences of a person can fluctuate many times during the day.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:08 28/02/2016

The Signs Of Christ's Coming

Nonbelievers find it hard to believe that we are living in the last days of earth's history. So says St. Scripture: "Above all, be aware that in the last days will be scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, from the beginning of creation, everything remains the same". (2 Peter 3:3-4)

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:57 28/02/2016

The ghosts appear after earthquakes

In Japan, cases of appearance of ghosts in the Tohoku region severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami last spring. In this connection the builders refuse to continue works on restoration of objects and thus tear all of the earlier graphics.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:56 28/02/2016

The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.

The courts would come upon Babylon in the day of wrath of God. This harlot has filled the measure of iniquity, its time has come, it is ripe for destruction.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:28 28/02/2016

Premature aging curable?

It's hard to believe, but Devin Scullion 16 years. He suffers from progeria – a rare genetic disease which accelerates the aging process. Doctors have presented the cure for cancer, which can be a remedy for progeria.

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Mysteries of civilization - 09:00 27/02/2016

Holy from Cambodia

In Cambodia, hundreds of rural residents flock to the province of prey-Veng in the hope to be cured of their diseases. Here in the community of white Rock is living an unusual boy who is said to possess healing power. The baby name Rong is a Paradise. He's three years old.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:09 27/02/2016

Abnormal center of the Earth

Who would have thought that a tiny country on the Baltic sea related the tragic events in most parts of the world - riots, wars and a devastating earthquake!

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:13 27/02/2016

An alien born on Earth

It is noticed that on our planet more and more were born especially gifted children who received the nickname "Indigo."

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Mysteries of civilization - 10:41 26/02/2016

Ancient artifacts from America which many thousands of years

Maybe it is a modern forgery?

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:10 26/02/2016

What can we face the changing of the poles of the Earth

Scientists discovered that the Earth's magnetic field are formed by powerful rips, showing that magnetic poles of the planet will soon be swapped. There are opinions that in this regard, we can expect new natural disasters of a global scale like the flood and the last judgment.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:01 26/02/2016

Prophecies about the last times and the Antichrist

The prophecies of the Holy fathers on the end times and the Antichrist

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:48 25/02/2016

Top secret: Medical error

They often dispose of human lives. Their profession in some cultures is considered sacred. The doctors... Who are they? Followers of the great Avicenna or just dishonest employees of medical institutions? How often the treatment is harmful for the patient? Why information about the fatal mistakes men in white coats rarely leaves the hospital? Is it difficult to attract a physician to criminal liability? The answers to these questions - in a special report by "Medical errors".

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:08 25/02/2016

Relic monsters come out of hibernation?

A former employee of NASA and now a researcher of anomalous and para-normal phenomena, Michael Cohen introduced the world to a video that proves, in his view, prehistoric, or scientific, relict, the animals still exist.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:05 25/02/2016

The U.S. government has long worked with the aliens

When reading the materials of the foreign press that the U.S. government has long worked with aliens and build joint military base, and in confirmation to this are photos of flying saucers on the bases, there is a growing amazement - how could you keep that a secret from humanity all this activity? And anxiety - why?

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:24 25/02/2016

Global catastrophe is on the line USA

In the last few years there was hope that the world barbarian the robber and the USA, finally, completely disappear from the map of the world, which can not but rejoice. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan once again confirm this guess. It is said the blind prophetess Vanga, when he warned about the terrible future that awaits the world, and that Russia will become a new Noah's Ark.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:58 24/02/2016

Prophecy. The last prophecy monk Abel

Abel, the famous monk, nicknamed "Prophetic", predicted the fall of the Romanov dynasty, still remains an Enigma. As he was making his predictions, and, most importantly, what still remains unknown to us, the descendants? Will there be a happy future for Russia, or...

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:58 24/02/2016

Strange case No. 55. Giants. The dark forces of the Galaxy

One appearance of these strange creatures can lead to terrible disasters. They put the experiments on the inhabitants of the planet. Where did they come from parallel worlds, from other planets or from our future, and what they need?

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:28 24/02/2016


I want to draw your attention to the need to continue the dialogue on the topic of Crystals, called a Hub. We are ready to transmit the next portion of the information on this topic is very important at this stage of planetary Light Work.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:12 23/02/2016

The moon, she is also a former Fache destroyer (Nibiru)

For fans of the theories about Nibiru and skeptical people in the sky of our planet is amazing in its clarity, the proof of its (their) existence - the Moon.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:11 23/02/2016

Bees are sacred messengers of the gods

The ancients believed that bees are sacred creatures, the winged messengers of the gods and fortune tellers who have knowledge of many secrets. That is why to kill a bee because of its Holy essence, has long been considered a sacrilege and still in many countries seen as a bad omen.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:30 22/02/2016

Planet X — possible threat to life?

American astrophysicists John Mathis and Daniel Witmer from LSU for the first time spoke about his sensational discovery – the discovery of a new planet in the Solar system – Nibiru (planet X). However, this news, as it turned out, the Ground does not promise anything good. It is able to affect the movement of the heavenly bodies in our orbit and extend to Earth hazardous asteroid, or comet that may lead to this Apocalypse!December 2010. Space telescope WISE transmitted to Earth the results of studies of the cosmos in the infrared range. On the edge of the Solar system, he registered a giant red planet.American astrophysicists John Mathis and Daniel Witmer from LSU in the town of Lafayette...

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:53 22/02/2016

Wang about the past and the future of humanity

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:49 22/02/2016

The prophecy of elder Philotheus

The Abbot Philotheos is one of nekanalizovannyh saints, but this does not detract from his Holiness and the veracity of the prophecies. The Abbot Philotheos even from a young age traveled widely, visited many towns and villages in Italy, Poland, Germany, the end point of his travels was mount Athos. There, on the Holy Mountain, he spent 30 long years in prayer, after which he returned back to Russia. It happened during the reign of Metropolitan Zosima (1490-1494). In Russia Philotheus openly spoke out against the "Judaisers heretics", for which he paid freedom, he was chained and contained in Saari monastery.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:49 22/02/2016

The most mysterious discovery of the twentieth century. Of the crystal skull

The first such skull was found in 1927 in Central America by the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and traveler F. albert Mitchell-hedges.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:41 22/02/2016

A terrible prophecy of a nuclear explosion

A hundred years ago in a village in Krasnograd district, Kharkov province lived an old woman. Didn't love her guys: rich, competent, bogomolniy was avid. But most people didn't like her speech about the impending war, revolution, famine and the godless regime. Even the gendarmes from Kharkov have repeatedly staged her "edifying conversation" about such outrageous prophecies.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:38 22/02/2016

Esotericism. The transition

What is the transition of Earth to a new state? This whole life on Earth to a new level, changing the orientation of the Earth in space and in time. The changing orientation of the Earth - space transition in new quality, which will allow them to do things that you cannot do on Earth right now. This is another specificity of human capacity. The space will allow to materialize thoughts.

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Mysteries of civilization - 15:17 21/02/2016

The FEMA document describes what to do when aliens attack

Federal Agency for emergencies organized the production of manuals, stored in most fire departments across the United States, in which among the many possible events that could happen at any moment, oddly enough, are listed and the alien invasion.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:28 21/02/2016

Prophecies Of The Hopi

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:02 21/02/2016

The most mysterious phenomenon

The most mysterious phenomenon in the history of mankind or clever hoax? Tricks of jokers or consequences unknown atmospheric phenomena? These drawings, occur on the surface of the planet, amaze us with its size, variety of shapes, intricate symbolism and strange side effects on the environment, but most of all – the mystery of origin. See them in all corners of the Earth starting with the last decades of the twentieth century, but neither the witnesses, nor of research results is insufficient to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:01 21/02/2016

Secret organizations → Student organizations

At the heart of any secret organization on corporate structure. Based on the concept of hegemony the Italian political scientist Antonio Gramsci, it can be assumed that the group of authorities, in order not to lose its hegemony in the political system, will always strive to preserve their cultural core through the construction of corporate culture, affecting, therefore, on civil society itself through its well established institutions. Now there was even a special term for contemporary comparativism – "skinship" – the symbiosis of the English word skin ("skin") and kinship ("family resemblance", "similarity").

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:43 21/02/2016


"The mysterious underwater animals again made themselves felt in the scenic Chinese lake Tianchi (heavenly), which is in a remote mountain Changbai on the border with North Korea. Recently, several Chinese and Korean tourists was seen here at the surface, the silhouettes of the mysterious monsters."

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:46 20/02/2016

Documentary special project. Nature declares war (2016)

In recent decades there has been a considerable increase in extreme weather events, which creates natural and man-made emergencies. From 1993 to 2014 the number increased more than three times. The parameters of the dangerous natural processes are increasingly setting historical highs. Examples are the floods in Krymsk in 2012, the far East in the summer of 2013, anomalous fires in 2010 in the European territory of Russia in 2015 in Buryatia and Transbaikalia. Experts attribute this situation, how climate warming and other reasons, in particular, with increased load on the nature of the so-called man-made factors. And consp...

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:11 20/02/2016

The astral influence of the planets

Not only the Sun and Moon, and each planet has its own astral influence on human beings, animals, plants and even minerals. Astrology regards the influence of heavenly bodies on the destiny of man.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:08 20/02/2016

Who controls humanity?

The idea that humanity is under the invisible control of other beings was expressed by A. Kazantsev, A. Mintz, J. Begby, E. Metcalf, F. Clark, J. Valle, V. Azhazha, C. Ford, V. Fomenko, V. Zaitsev, F. Sterling, J. Leonardo and many other scientists and researchers. So, DJ.Leonardo in the early twentieth century analyzed numerous observations by astronomers around the Earth flying unidentified objects clearly artificial origin (and this was long before the launch of the first satellite) and came to the unequivocal conclusion: "We are someone's herd. We graze".

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:05 20/02/2016

Astral entities

The astral entities are beings of the astral plane (another dimension, the unseen world — whatever you want), conscious (often quite primitive) and not having a physical body.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:56 20/02/2016

The gates" to other dimensions

Many spatio-temporal phenomena can be explained by the presence of certain "gates" to other, parallel worlds. According to many researchers, these "gates" can travel in space and time. So, a Japanese scientist Yamazaki indicates, for example, that in space as on Earth there are some wormholes, which can be defined as a "hole" in space and time linking two points of the Universe.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:54 20/02/2016

The soul and astral

Practiced all the souls in the astral world. If the deceased was burdened with these qualities, the vibration of his soul will remain grim, dark note. Many will agree to include it in its sphere of perception? And it may happen that such a soul will remain absolutely alone, suffering immensely from the cold of loneliness, not getting a energy support, no contact with those who cared.

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:44 20/02/2016

The techniques of manipulation

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Mysteries of civilization - 07:19 20/02/2016

The communication channel

This is one of the major components of circuit self-organization of personality. On the communication channel have the primary burden to ensure self. The channel of communication is the leading element in this process both from the intellectual demands, and the provision of physiological parameters.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:30 19/02/2016

When the Earth will cry out

The first who drew attention to the similarity of the planet on which we live, with a living being, was a wonderful writer and an interesting scholar Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Mysteries of civilization - 08:26 19/02/2016

Evil: Vampires

The first hunters of vampires appeared in the middle ages. Even then, from word of mouth passed down icy soul stories about the pale creatures with huge fangs that live in coffins, attack people on a dark night, throw on the neck and suck the blood. Especially vampires were afraid of the Balkans – hundreds of stories from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia later became the basis for many novels and movies.

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